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Thank you so much for the Inspiration and for being the Catalyst for the start of amazing changes in my life - they are still happening, and it is fantastic!! ......................


Everyone still buzzing about your work today, so thanks as usual for everything. Hope you had fun! .......Group HR & Business Operations Director 


You made my evening, if you are capable to stimulate and motivate 8 men having the feeling they are in heaven you have "the touch"...........Technical Executive, Distinguished Engineer, Academy of Technology Member


Thank you once again for another great job with your image session during the Technical Leaders MasterClass for Communications in Warbrook today !! As always it went down really well - even with this weeks class, who seem to be less responsive than most !!
Thanks ... Distinguished Engineer (retired) Technical Leadership Team UK & Ireland


I had such a fun day with you at the Image Class a few months ago and have since been employing your advice at work. I've really noticed the difference in how people react to me but also in how much more confident it makes me feel! To my great surprise I was even called last week by my manager and told the management team had reviewed my salary. They didn't think I was being paid enough so were giving me a rise!!.................Foundation


Your session was extremely well received by all delegates and rated very positively in the feedback ...  I wanted to express my gratitude for your impact on me personally. In ways that I haven't completely worked out yet, those few hours from 4pm onwards two weeks ago have had a bigger impact on me than any other single event in my life for some years. Somehow by giving a name to the contradictory sides of myself and therefore, in a sense, resolving the conflict .... it was like flicking a switch in me ... and has given me  the confidence to 'wear my own clothes' as it were. Plus the impact of fifty other small remarks you made and the overall experience of meeting you! It has given me a massive boost in self belief to do concrete things to fulfil my vision for myself outside of work..... and I am still musing about your comments about destiny!!!

and again a really really big thank you. ....................Leader Technical Masterclass


Dear Linda, I wanted to thank you for an excellent day. I took away a lot more than I expected and am so pleased to have such clearly defined areas to work on and (I hope!) now the tools to accomplish my goals with. Thank you again for the loan of the lipstick and blusher – they definitely helped on the day. It was very satisfying to feel such a marked change in my confidence and presence. Hope to work with you again in the future.       Best regards...............


Empowering Men & Women Dress For Success. Speaker approx 180 Auditorium at Bedfont.    “...this event last week at Bedfont was a fabulous success!!!...There were 130 attendees...”  “Fantastic choice of speaker. Extremely engaging, had to leave early due to prior engagements, but found it difficult to leave as was so interested in the presentation.”


I definitely have an amazing story to share with you. Since I spent time with you in the UK I absolutely tried to apply my ´new style’ of buying my clothes, presenting myself, my make up etc. In April I´ve went on a short assignment to the US and it has resulted in a one year assignment in NY. Next week I move to the US to work as the Executive Assistant of the Sr VP communications. I´m absolutely sure that you have played an important role in this change. So thank you again. Communications Leader, Benelux


Linda, You were really impressive last night – you’re a great role model and really inspiring as Viki said you would be. Next time we meet you wont recognise me … and Dick is off to his bank to get a shoe and hand made shirt loan!! Thought the psychology of image was extremely interesting and very powerful. Great to meet you and hope we get the chance to work together soon

Partner ................PS Every HR dept I work with needs this


Great Corporate Seminar, giving background on image & impact how it helps/hinders business, communications, sales  etc. Absolutely ideal for any Customer Facing people & those in "communicative" & Leadership positions.
*Outcome - This is about optimizing the effect you have on others, ensuring they immediately perceive your words & deeds are worth paying attention to establishing others' confidence in you & your performance. Coming across at a subconscious level as "Believable/Trustworthy"

Organizational Leadership Consultant  & EMEA  ACT  Programme Mgr. 


Image and Impact
Linda, Many thanks indeed for your excellent contribution to the ...... BLDP Quarterly Review, with your session on Image and Impact. As you know, it was extremely well received by all concerned, it really turned on some light bulbs for the people there.

Director ................


“Growing Your Business" BARCLAYS PREMIER

The third "Growing Your Business has just been delivered at Staverton by myself, Jo Mills & Linda Whetherly.

The headline reactions from this course are: "FANTASTIC! Help in building your profile, right look, professional" "FANTASTIC!  Very useful"

Reaction from the delegates shows that:

86% of delegates believe that their knowledge and skills have increased by a great deal or a lot by attending this workshop.  They also felt motivated to apply the learning and that it will help them in their role - the remainder (1 person) saw some increase.

Barclays Regional Development Manager


Really great feedback - well done - to you for delivering and obviously me for agreeing to you!! All the very best,   Director of Premier Banking Barclays plc


....... Linda is the person you put me onto at IOD via House of Colour back in early 2006. She has just completed her NLP, is an expert in her field, and someone you should meet to compliment your director coaching and mentoring.

Linda, he has been impressed with the results he has seen you deliver to me!!!! (well I think he was!). Over to you guys.   

CEO, Non Exec Dir.